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Twetch - The decentralized social network

Twetch is  decentralized social network,where you get rewarded for your content.

Social Network Features:

The Future is Bright
You see it every day. Censorship, trolling, fake news, pesky ads. You provide all the value for the social media you use. They make billions, you get nothing in return. It's time to take back your data.

Rethinking the Internet
On Twetch, interactions are micropayments. All of your content on Twetch is signed by you and stored on the blockchain, so it is always accessible to you.

Introducing Twetch Chat[/u]
What if you could message someone without ever having to give the information you write to a third party like Twitter or Facebook? If your messages were completely private and only accessible to those you give permission to, your data would truly be yours. Introducing Twetch Chat, fully encrypted messaging using Bitcoin, AES, and ECIES. Featuring in-app peer2peer payments and group chat support.

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Introducing /pay
A /pay command triggers a fren2fren™ transaction. Meaning there is no middle-man. Twetchers can send money directly to their friends instantly. This is different from products like Venmo and Paypal because those two require middlemen and days to route the payments.

Twetch command line
A / in a new post triggers the Twetch command line. In this case, /pay is a command to send money in the amount you choose.

Instant payments
Twetch Fren2Fren™ technologies allow for instant digital cash payments. Twetch never touches your money.

Make Your Haters Pay You
Instead of blocking, Twetchers can choose how much it costs for a user to interact with them using the command /trolltoll

Twetch command line
A / in a new post triggers the Twetch command line. In this case, /trolltoll is a command to require a specific user to pay a toll to interact with you.


Wherever there is the internet, there are trolls. Use the troll toll to make it too expensive for them to bother you.:

Is it safe to use?

Registration is free as it is to use the platform.Every interaction like a post or follow requires some amount of BSV (Bitcoin SV). Also, user gets rewarded in BSV for each like or follow he gets.There are no advertisements in network.

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