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Share pictures and make money online - Easy Method 2021

There is very easy way to earn money online just by uploading pictures to a website called "Relica".You upload pictures and for every like or follow you earn some cash in Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency.

What is Relica?

Relica allows anyone in the world with a phone and internet connection to start generating income from their pictures with just a few taps and a touch of creativity.

Main Features:

Say goodbye to invasive ads. Relica is built on bitcoin enabling you a safe, private and ad-free social media experience. Relica also never sells your data.

The Relica experience allows you to search a whole new world of new and inspiring content, all whilst earning from your amazing pictures.

How to get started?

1. Click Sign up

Follow the steps to create a wallet linked to Relica account.

2. Capture and post your first photo

After navigating through the app, you’ll be able to post your first photo with our easy-to-use interface.

3. Monetize and profit from your photos

Once you've posted, other friends can comment, like, follow and reward you for your content and you begin earning.

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