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Stop subscriptions from stealing your money .... Approve, Block, or Snooze your payment for any service in seconds. - Revuto

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Stop Subscriptions from stealing your money!

One-stop solution for all your subscriptions. Approve, Block, or Snooze your payment for any service in seconds.

Control your subscriptions with the first dApp on Cardano and leverage recurring payments with REVU tokens and DeFi services.

Secure your spot to join the first Token Sale on Cardano to help us revolutionize the subscription economy. Public REVU Token Sale will start on May 18th.

While stealing money from its users with the free-trial traps, hidden and over-complicated unsubscribe procedures, the subscription economy is growing 100% YoY. Revuto's goal is to save people’s money by allowing them to take control over what, when, and how they pay for their subscriptions.

By leveraging Cardano native tokens and DeFi to pay for the subscriptions, Revuto's ecosystem is designed to save people's money regardless of the crypto market conditions.

Revuto dApp
Subscribe with Revuto Debit Cards supporting Cardano native tokens to Block, Snooze or Approve subscription charges as they occur and to:


Deposit Cardano native tokens to your Revuto dApp.


Use Revuto Virtual Debit cards to subscribe and pay with Cardano Native tokens.


Bring us your friends and earn rewards in REVU tokens.


Stake and keep REVU tokens while getting a loan in stable coin to pay for your subscriptions.


Get cashback in REVU tokens when paying for your subscriptions.


Earn yields on your REVU tokens when providing liquidity to the protocol.

REVU token
REVU is a native token on the Cardano network. The main incentive for holding REVU tokens is to save money while paying for your subscription charges.

Revuto's crypto wallet is a simple and secure wallet supporting Cardano-based native tokens, including REVU tokens and EURR stablecoin by default.

Revuto's crypto wallet is built to allow preauthorized pull payments from other Revuto wallet addresses and to support direct authorization with the service providers.

REVU is a native token on the Cardano network.

Tokenomics is set up to use up to 40% of the revenue generated from the transaction fees and DeFi fees for REVU token buyback.

Once mature, Revuto will gradually transition to community governance, allowing REVU token holders to vote for the future of the Revuto.

Take advantage of rapidly growing decentralized finance to bring freedom to financial services such as lending and borrowing. With DeFi, short-term lenders and borrowers benefit from the Revuto ecosystem when paying subscriptions with Revu.

DeFi micro lending
By providing the best service to control and pay subscriptions, Revuto's mission is to build a strong community of both crypto users and users who didn’t necessarily have exposure to crypto in the past. Only together, supporting each other, Revuto users can save more money.

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Share pictures and make money online - Easy Method 2021

There is very easy way to earn money online just by uploading pictures to a website called "Relica".You upload pictures and for every like or follow you earn some cash in Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency.

What is Relica?

Relica allows anyone in the world with a phone and internet connection to start generating income from their pictures with just a few taps and a touch of creativity.

Main Features:

Say goodbye to invasive ads. Relica is built on bitcoin enabling you a safe, private and ad-free social media experience. Relica also never sells your data.

The Relica experience allows you to search a whole new world of new and inspiring content, all whilst earning from your amazing pictures.

How to get started?

1. Click Sign up

Follow the steps to create a wallet linked to Relica account.

2. Capture and post your first photo

After navigating through the app, you’ll be able to post your first photo with our easy-to-use interface.

3. Monetize and profit from your photos

Once you've posted, other friends can comment, like, follow and reward you for your content and you begin earning.

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